Vandisc 2021

  • Music mags, ..
  • Musics stores as Fnac (close to our fair place) and in the parisian Fnacs parisiennes and
  • Local newspapers
  • Advertising in national mag (Télé 7 Jours, Rock & Folk, Xroads, Fluide glacial, Elle, Paris-Match..)
  • On site view from other exhibitors on others french fairs.
  • Referencing on the Net in all the fair websites like,, PG plastique,, ,...
  • Referencing on "what to do" site like 95Degrés
  • Facebook page and special event (vandisc 2013), twitter

VANDISC as growing to be one of the most important and friendly fair near Paris and in france, with french and international exhibitors (Germany, Belgium, Uk, ...)
To obtain all the information on the event or to enrol at the Vandisc Fair, please contact Laurent Cretelle :

From outside France please call 33130367556 for information
To subscribe as an exhibitor
Promotion drive
& advertising