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Vandisc 2022

35 km from Paris, Auvers sur Oise , a wellknown place of famous painters: Van Gogh (who perform more than 75 canvas, drawings, sketches), Cézanne (who lived here 18 months), Pissaro, Daubigny (of which the painting workshop was entirely decorated by Corot and Daumier)...
This year (2019), on top of the record dealers, hifi and for all music lovers of jazz, pop and rock, a very specialized stand in outstanding CD and vinyl records (SHMCD, 180g vinyls)  direct from Japan, Photographers, and more goodies to come.
Because Auvers sur Oise is the "mother country" of Vincent Van Gogh

He lived in this town for 84 days and has painted the most beautiful canvas of his career as a painter

... and we love to break off all preconceived ideas...

Passionate collectors of music and,
We set up the fair with all the association's volunteers

All the profits of the day are reused for posters, advertising and all the necessary means of the fair.
Who are we?
Why Vandisc?
Wher are we located?

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